Getting gifts around the holidays can be a challenge. You want to get the perfect gift for everyone you know. If there is a hairstylist in you life whether it’s the one you see every few weeks, your sister, wife, mom, brother, I have put together a list of things that would make a great gift for the hairstylist in your life.

Remember it truly is the thought that counts.

Gift Ideas For Hairstylists

Bei Momenti Bath Bombs

Nothing sounds better after a long week of standing on your feet then relaxing in the bath tub with a bottle of wine and the aroma of a luxurious bath bomb. Bath bombs soften your skin, and relaxes your muscles. Just writing this is making me want to order some and go take a bath. Gifts like this are great because we don’t think to buy it for ourselves.

3Q Foot Massager

One word…Heaven. This is something that you can sit down with every night to get a professional feeling massage for sore feet right at home. I was given a foot massager as a gift and it was one of my most used items I owned. Hairstylist really need to protect their feet and this is something that can help a little bit everyday.

Natural Body Balance Insoles

Insoles for shoes. I know, it seems funny, but trust me they’re needed. We stand all day so there is nothing better then a really supportive insole for our shoes. This career can take a toll on our body, a little extra support never hurt.

Gideon Massage Cushion 

Gifts for hairdressers that massage the body are the best. Similar to a foot massager being amazing to keep our feet feeling and working great, a massage cushion to help with back and shoulder pain would make any hairstylist melt. Our shoulders, arms and backs take a beating all day so coming home to something like this to be able to relax in would bring a tear of joy to my eye.

Kamisori Professional Shears 

As a hairstylist you can never have too many shears. Hairstylist use many different styles and sizes of shears for many different reasons. This is also a plus for the client because nothing cuts hair better than a brand new pair of professional shears. This would be the ultimate gift.


A massage! OMG this is the best. Not only do hairstylists need to make sure they keep their body in tip top health by exercising and eating healthy, resting it is just as important. Do some research on spas around your area to find the best one so the stylist in your life can get the treatment they give others everyday.