It’s something we all want, but sometimes we just don’t get for ourselves. The question is, since it’s not your hair how do you know what to get? Things to think about if you want to purchase haircare products for someone are:

  • How they wear their hair?
    • If they wear it down a lot and use a curling iron or flat iron? Some good things to think about getting them is a heat protectant, and some moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
    • If they wear their hair naturally curly think about getting some curly hair products to help enhance their natural hair texture.
    • Are they the queen of blowouts? If they blowout their hair at home some awesome blowout sprays are a great idea.
  • What do they say about their hair?
    • It’s so dry.
    • It’s so flat.
    • It’s so frizzy.

I’ll help navigate you to the right hair products to give the gift of beautiful hair to the one you love. Buy the sets I have curated for you or mix and match products from different beauty box ideas.

Gift Set For Must Have Moisture Hair

This hair care beauty box is great for someone with dry, frizzy hair. 12 Benefits is an awesome haircare line  I have just recently been introduced to. The shampoo and conditioner  leaves the hair super conditioned and soft. The Rapid Blowout Spray and 12 Benefits Hair Treatment adds blinding shine, bounce and detangles. The Pink Addiction Styling Balm is great to use as a styling cream when you blow dry and can double for the days when you just want to let your hair dry naturally and be frizz free. Buy this set together or pick out the products that you think will work best.

Gift Set for Voluminous Hair

If you notice someone back combing their hair and always trying to fluff it up it’s probably a good sign they like voluminous hair. This gift set is a combination of great volumizing hair products and one of my favorite volume shampoos and conditioners. Aquage is one of my favorite haircare lines that I use in my salon and on myself. In this collection of haircare products there is Aquage volumizing shampoo and conditioner, Aquage Volumizing Mousse, Aquage Volume Spray, and a Light Hold Hairspray for Volume. Everything needed to create endless volume and hold.

Gift Set For The Blowout Queen

This hair care beauty box is a mash up of Amika styling products that will create an awesome blowout. and extend the life of it. Amika Leave-in Cream,  Amika Bombshell Blow Dry Spray,  Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, and Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner Spray will help the girl who loves her blowouts last her days.

Gift Set For Smooth & Straight Hair

This is the perfect gift set for the gal who can’t get enough of argan oil. Moroccanoil is one of my favorite product lines because there products never let’s me down. Moroccanoil products always leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing. Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner is great for frizzy hair that needs a boost of smoothness starting in the shower. Follow that up with the Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion before you blow dry. If you really want your hair smooth and sleek follow up your blowout with a flat iron and make sure you use Moroccanoil Heat Protecting Spray. Finish off with a pump of the Moroccan Oil and hair will be straight, smooth and shiny.

Gift Set For All The Curly Hair Out There

Deva Curl is the master of curly hair and curly hair products. Deva Curl had dedicated their products and cutting techniques to enhance and create perfect curls. This is the must have collection for anyone who loves to wear their hair naturally curl. Use the Deva Curl No-Poo & One Conditioner ,followed by the Deva Curl Coconut Curl Styling Cream, and finished off with Deva Curl Light Defining Gel. Either let curls air dry or use this fun hair diffuser to dry hair.