Bubble braids have been hot in the market for a little while now. If you’ve seen Doja Cat at the Grammys and wanted to replicate that look or Priyanka Chopra’s BAFTA look for that matter, let us congratulate you on your excellent choice.

And the beauty of this look might just be that it looks gorgeous, but it’s not difficult at all to achieve. Here are the 5 easy steps you need to follow for a ravishing bubble braid.

Step 1: Style Your Hair to Prep

As exciting as the bubbling and the braiding might be, you want to start by prepping your hair to make sure that it is frizz-free. The foundation of your hair needs to be uniform and ready to be styled. Make sure your hair is dry and add some hairspray to it for texture.

Using a paddle brush, untangle all the strands and make sure the hairspray gives you grip and volume to work with. Fluff it a bit using your hair if you have fine hair.

Step 2: Make a Ponytail

The next step is to pull your hair back into a loose and low ponytail. Low in this context is a direction for length and it’s near the nape of the neck. And at that height, secure it with an elastic that goes with your outfit. Small, big, plain and glittery are all good choices.

You just need to make sure it’s a bit loose so that your hair doesn’t break when you take it off at the end of the night. If you’re not sure, grab a scrunchie.

Step 3: Add Multiple Elastics/Scrunchies

Now move two inches down and secure that part with another elastic or scrunchie. Repeat the same two more inches below till the end of the ponytail. Just make sure you stop about three inches above the very end. Check to see if you placed the scrunchies equally apart from each other.

This determines the bulge of the bubble and you want them all to be uniform.

Step 4: Tug the Hair

Now it’s time to create the bubble in between two elastics. For this, you will need to gently tug the hair in between. You must start from right under the top most elastic and work your way down.

To make the actual bubble, you will need to hold two elastics at the same time so that you cover both sides. Tug at them with the same amount of pressure so that the bubble is created without disturbing the rest of the ponytail.

The harder you tug at them, the messier the bubble gets. So, calculate accordingly. Repeat the same with all sections of the ponytails. Make sure they are consistent in terms of size and shape.

Step 5: Solidify the Bubbles

Add a little hairspray in the end so that the bubbles are not disturbed while you’re painting the town red. You want to just mist the hair a bit with the spray. Just enough to make sure the bubbles don’t move.

If you’re going for a soft look in the front, pull some strands out and frame your face. You might need to refresh your look once or twice during the evening. So, it’s a good idea to carry the hairspray with you.

Bubble braids are usually preferred by those who can’t work with actual braids either because they don’t have the skill or because they’re afraid that their hair will break. You’ll have to agree, this is a pretty cool and easy solution.