If you’ve noticed that your blonde locks have lost their luster and turned dull and lifeless and you want to restore that radiant, sun-kissed shine, there’s an excellent solution for you. Purple shampoo is the ultimate hair care solution to all your blonde hair woes.

Infused with delicate violet pigments, this toning shampoo works its magic to banish brassiness and bring out the natural radiance of your hair.

So, whether you’re a bleached blonde or sporting a more natural shade, purple shampoo can help you maintain your perfect hair color. Say goodbye to yellow tones and hello to shimmering, glamorous locks with purple shampoo.

What Is Purple Shampoo and How Does It Work?

When you get your hair colored professionally at the salon, your stylist may use a toner to neutralize brassy tones. But over time, you may notice yellow, orange, or red tones reappearing in your hair.

These tones can be caused by a variety of factors, including the natural oxidation process, exposure to the sun and heat styling, causing your vibrant blonde locks to lose their vibrancy and become dull.

This is where purple shampoo can help. Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo specially formulated for blondes.

Featuring crushed violet pigments that help to neutralize the yellow and brassy tones in your blonde hair, the purple shampoo helps to keep your locks looking bright, vibrant, and healthy.

So, how does purple shampoo work? Well, this simply comes down to basic color science.

Purple shampoo works by using the color wheel principle—purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so when these two colors are used together, they neutralize each other.

The violet pigments in purple shampoo coat the hair strands and help to cancel out any unwanted yellow or brassy tones in the hair, leaving it looking cool, bright and refreshed.

In addition to neutralizing brassy tones, purple shampoo can also help to nourish and strengthen the hair. Many purple shampoos contain nourishing ingredients such as keratin and argan oil, which help to repair damaged hair and add shine.

So, not only does purple shampoo help to maintain your desired hair color, but it can also help to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Who Can Use Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a must-have for blondes looking to maintain their radiant, vibrant hair color.

And it’s not just for bleached blondes—this toning shampoo is also effective on natural blonde, platinum, silver, and gray hair. But purple shampoo does not work on darker shades of hair, such as black or brunette.

How To Use Purple Shampoo

Here are the steps on how to use purple shampoo to neutralize brassy, yellow, or orange tones and reveal the full, shimmering potential of your hair.

Wet Your Hair

To get the most out of your purple shampoo, wet your hair with warm water first. Make sure to fully soak your locks—this will help the shampoo absorb more easily into your hair shaft.

While it’s tempting to use hot water to lather up, it’s best to avoid it—hot water can strip away your hair color and leave your locks looking dull and faded.

Massage The Shampoo

Massage the purple shampoo into your hair thoroughly. Begin at the roots, gently rubbing the shampoo into your scalp and working your way down to the ends of your hair.

Pay special attention to any brassy or yellowed strands—these areas will benefit the most from the toning properties of the purple shampoo.

Remember, your roots need more time to absorb the shampoo than your ends, so apply shampoo to the roots first while you’re lathering up.

If you have dark hair with highlights, be sure to apply the purple shampoo to the blonde streaks only as it will not have any effect on the darker strands.

Allow the Shampoo to Sit on Your Hair

For Natural Blonde Hair

If your hair is a warm, natural blonde shade with mild brassiness, it’s generally recommended to leave the purple shampoo on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out.

Once you’ve left the shampoo on for the recommended time, be sure to rinse your hair properly with cool water. The cool temperature can help to seal the cuticle and give your hair a shiny, healthy finish.

It’s important to note that the recommended time can vary slightly depending on the brand you’re using. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the bottle to get the best results.

For Color-Treated Blonde Hair

If you have recently dyed your hair blonde or your hair is very discolored, then you may need to leave the purple shampoo in for a longer time. Around 15 minutes should be enough time for the shampoo to penetrate and neutralize any unwanted brassy tones.

After 15 minutes, rinse out the shampoo with cool water. If you’re using purple shampoo for the first time and are unsure about how long to leave the shampoo in, then you can start with 5 to 10 minutes.

If the results are not what you desire, leave the shampoo in for a longer time, (around 10 to 15 minutes) the next time. With a bit of trial and error, you’ll find the perfect timing to achieve the perfect, brass-free blonde.

For Gray, Platinum or Silver Hair

For platinum or silver hair, you must eliminate warm tones. To do this, you can leave the shampoo in your hair for a longer period.

To maximize the effect, you can put on a plastic shower cap while you wait. Using cold water, rinse out the shampoo thoroughly from your hair.

Note: If you leave the purple shampoo in your hair for more than 15 minutes, your hair may get a lilac tint. But there’s no reason to worry. The color is temporary and can be removed by switching to your regular shampoo for the next few washes.

Condition Your Hair

After shampooing your hair, condition your hair with a conditioner to enhance the toning effect of your purple shampoo. Apply the conditioner as you normally would and rinse it out thoroughly.

But be aware that using both a purple shampoo and conditioner can result in an ashy tone, so only use a purple conditioner if you want your hair color to be pale.

How to Choose a Purple Shampoo

  • When choosing a purple shampoo, it is important to consider the color and consistency of the product. Typically, a good quality purple shampoo should have a thick consistency and be opaque. You can test the color and consistency by squeezing a small amount onto your finger before purchasing.
  • If you have blonde hair or you have balayage or highlights, it is generally best to choose a violet or bright purple shampoo. These shades are less likely to oversaturate your hair and will effectively remove brassiness. Avoid dark violet shampoos as these can over-saturate your hair.
  • If you have gray, platinum or silver hair, you may want to opt for a darker purple shampoo, with indigo or blue tones. These shades are more suitable for pale hair and will help to neutralize brassy tones. Avoid violet or bright purple shampoos.
  • If you have dark hair, such as black or brunette, then purple shampoo may not be as effective. Instead, you may want to try a blue shampoo to remove brassiness.

How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?

The frequency of using purple shampoo depends on the shade of your hair and your hair type. To help maintain a light and even hair color and tackle brassiness, it is recommended to use the purple shampoo once a week.

It may be a good idea to alternate the purple shampoo with a regular shampoo designed for color-treated hair. If you have naturally blonde hair with warmer tones, use the purple shampoo only when you notice yellowing.

It’s important to pay attention to your hair and determine the best routine for your individual needs. But if you don’t see any improvements after a month, you could consider increasing the frequency of purple shampoo usage to 2 to 3 times a week.

Tips to Maintain Blonde Hair

  • Using a purple hair mask will not only help to deep condition your hair but also neutralize the brassy tones.
  • To keep your hair hydrated and preserve the hair color, it is recommended to avoid washing your hair with hot water.
  • If you want to revitalize and brighten your dull blonde hair and give them a boost, it may be a good idea to use a hair-brightening mask or a brightening treatment.
  • Your hair color may fade quickly if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. And, you can prevent this by using a UV protectant spray or wearing a hat before stepping outside.

An amazing hair care product that can neutralize the brassy yellow tones and keep your blonde hair looking bright and vibrant, purple shampoo is the perfect addition to your at-home hair care routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of purple shampoo and conditioner and take your blonde hair to the next level of glamor and shine.