Hair Conditioning Treatment Tips

There are so many conditioning treatment out there now how do you know what one is right for you? It’s not as hard as you think. Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down the search for you.

  1. Is it your hair or scalp that needs the treatment?
    • If you are finding that your scalp is itchy and flaky (especially in the winter) you may need to do a scalp treatment instead of a conditioning treatment for your hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. But don’t be afraid to do both if needed.
  2. Is my hair fine, medium or coarse? Thick or thin?
    • This will help you pick a treatment that’s not to heavy for your texture. Not all treatments are made for all hair types.
  3. Do a strand test. Does your hair need a moisturizing treatment or a protein treatment?
    • Do a simple strand test when your hair is wet. Take one strand and pull it. This is an elasticity test. If it snaps apart you need a protein treatment. If it can with-stand the tug and return to the state it was in before you pulled on it, but your hair is still frizzy, you need more moisture. Grab a moisturizing treatment. When you get the right balance of moisture and protein in your hair it will stop snapping and the frizz will reduce. **So to much protein hair will snap. To much moisture in the hair will make it greasy, limp and life less**
  4. Use a professional brand!!!
    • I know these treatments can get expensive, but it’s worth it. They will last you a long time so you will definitely get your moneys worth and your hair will thank you for it.

It’s not as hard as it has to be. Just find a brand you like. Ask yourself these simple questions and treat you hair to a healthy new day. Once you find your hair is balanced with the right amount of moisture and protein, it’s a good idea to switch back and forth between a moisturizing treatment and protein treatment to keep your hair in check.