Finally, a product that encourages me to not wash my hair everyday. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for days you are running late, or you just don’t need to wash your hair but need a little refresher. It has become such a popular product in the last few years that every beauty product line is creating their own dry shampoo. I think I have tried just about every brand out there. Along the way I have had some great experience with dry shampoos and not so great. Let me take out the guessing for you on what dry shampoos are the best in my experience.

Amika’s “Perk Up” Dry Shampoo

Love this brand, and it’s the main brand we use at Blowout Studio. It smells lovely, is aluminum free and adds a nice texture and a bit of a volume boost without feeling sticky. Aside from the delightful smell, you can hardly tell it’s there.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo

Not only does this dry shampoo smell amazingly awesome I would eat it if I could, but it also works wonders on my day old hair. It has a silky smooth feel yet at the same time it’s removing oils. It’s on the pricier side but it works wonders and that’s what counts. It’s money well spent if I can save time using this dry shampoo instead of blowing out my hair everyday. Sold!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I love this dry shampoo. One of its coolest features is that it comes in different scents and different colors. Awesome for those brunettes and redheads out there who are sick of having white roots from their dry shampoo. For the blondes and platinums, Batiste didn’t forget about you; there are also formulas to keep your blonde roots blonde. Nobody needs white flaky looking roots! This is a must have product in your arsenal of hair care.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

I’m a fan of this brand, and I’m so happy they finally made a dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave your roots with that sticky tacky feel some dry shampoos leave behind. It refreshes you roots and leaves them soft and looking clean. Guess what? It comes in a light tone for blondes and a dark tone for brunettes. YAY!

Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak” Dry Shampoo

Not only is the name awesome so is this dry shampoo. I had to try this just because of the name and to my surprise I love it. It does an amazing job of absorbing oils and leaves your roots with a matte finish and smelling great. Great price, great dry shampoo.

L’oréal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo

This isn’t the same L’oréal you see in the drugs store. This is their professional line with higher quality ingredients. It give you a fresh clean feeling root with a little extra bonus of awesome volume. No tacky feeling hair here, just an awesome illusion of freshly cleaned hair.

From my experience in the salon and on myself, these are some of the best dry shampoos. I could have missed some, but I’ve used and recommend all of my choices here.