There are so many styling products out there nowadays, finding the right products for your hair can be overwhelming. It’s always a good idea to use a least one hair product when styling your hair to protect it from the heat of the hairdryer and any other hair tools you may use. When picking a product to blowout your hair, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. 

What’s your hair texture?

If you have fine hair, you want to stick to a product that won’t weight down your hair. Blowout sprays are great for that. They will protect your hair from heat and give it bounce without weighing it down. Thick coarse hair? Try moisturizing/smoothing cream, or a hybrid product that sort of combines a blowout spray with a serum like Amika’s Wizard.

What style are you trying to achieve?

In addition to taking texture into consideration, you always want to pick a product that will properly hold the style you’re looking to achieve. For example, if your hair doesn’t hold curl well, use a product with some hold like a mousse or a styling gel. If you have very curly hair and want a straight blowout hairstyle, use a styling cream with a slight hold which will help keep your hair straight and smooth.

Are you fighting frizz or looking for volume? Maybe both?

A lot of the time, you’ll need to use more than one product. Want to add volume, but also need to tackle frizz? Use a root boost just on your roots for volume, and a smoothing spray on your ends to fight frizz. 

Does your hair get oily quickly?

No one likes oily hair, If your hair tends to get oily very quickly its best to not apply the product directly on your roots. Also, you’ll want to stay away from products like serums or oils. 

Answering these questions will help determine what the best hair products for your hair are, and what will help you achieve a salon-quality blowout at home.

Best Blowout Products For Fine Hair

Amika Haute Mess Texture Gloss

We use this product every day in the blow dry bar. If you have fine hair, this hair product will give you volume and bounce with a slight bit of hold. The light hold is great to help prevent your hair from falling flat. 

Kevin Murphy Body Mass

Kevin Murphy is one of my absolute favorite hair product lines. KM Body Mass helps strengthen hair while adding all over body to fine hair without weighing it down. It’s a perfect little light blowout spray for volume.

Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse

I’ve used Moroccanoil products for years now, and I’m always happy with how they work. Hair mousse is a great product for fine hair because it adds volume, bounce, and shine while creating a light flexible hold to your hair. The best way to apply mousse is to dip a wide-tooth comb in the mousse and comb it through your hair instead of using your hands to apply it. This will help with even distribution so it will be easy to work with. 

Best Blowout Products For Medium Hair

KMS Thermashape Quick Blow Dry Spray

I use this product a lot in my hair. I love that it’s just a simple, lightweight product. It conditions, g, a heat protectant, and can cut down the blowdrying time by 50%. You want to make sure you give it a quick shake before you apply it to your hair.

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Spray

This leave-in conditioner is always my top 3 favorite hair products. It does it all. It conditions, adds shine, protects your hair from heat, it doesn’t weigh your hair down. When I use this product, I can’t stop touching my hair because ends up feeling so soft. You definitely will not be disappointed with the performance of “It’s A 10.” It truly is a miracle worker. 

Amika Velveteen Dream

This lightweight smoothing lotion is perfect for medium hair. It tames frizz while conditioning dry ends and protecting against humidity. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to work and the styling cream does. 

Best Blowout Products For Thick Hair

Amika The Wizard

As mentioned above, “The Wizard” is serum-ish blowout spray. The Wizard has a bit of an oily feel to it, but sprays like a blowout spray. The combo gives a weightless, touchable feel, while conditioning and speeding up your blow-dry time. This is the #1 most used product at Blowout Studio.

Oribe Gold Lust All Over

This is a luxury hair product for sure. I love this because not only can you use it on your hair but, you can use it to moisturize your skin too! For your hair, this adds a radiant glow while locking in much needed moister that usually comes with thick hair. You can use it as an overnight deep conditioning hair treatment. Glow up from head to toe!

Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion

This isn’t like other smoothing lotions, this is a heavy-duty smoothing lotion. Works wonders for thick, coarse hair. This product will help smooth hair and it has a touchable hold to keep your hair tame and fight humidity. 

Amika The Shield – A Product For All Hair Textures

Earlier in this post, I mentioned a smoothing spray. I use The Shield on all hair texture. Its a light spray that will help smooth your hair. It protects hair from heat, tackles humidity and leaves hair soft without any trace that a hair product was used. Also, the shine this product gives hair is insane. Get ready for people to compliment your hair from miles away. 

I understand that with hair products, it’s a lot of trial and error until you find one you love for YOUR hair. I hope this list will help guide you in the right direction so you can find the best products for a blowout at home.