Having fine hair doesn’t mean you necessarily have thin hair. Fine hair refers to the hair texture of the strands of your hair, and thin hair refers to hair density or how much hair you have per square inch on your head. I have many clients that think they have thin hair, but actually they have a ton have hair, just each individual strand is fine. Using the right hair products for fine hair can help you achieve volume and bounce that you maybe never thought you could have.

3 things to remember when picking the best product for fine hair are:

1) Grip Not Slip – What this means is you want a product that will create a little bit of stiffness/grip like a mousse; not a product to make your hair sleek/slip like oils and serums. Doing a blowout using the proper technique gives you the smoothness and shine. Products just enhance the hairstyle you are going for, so if you want volume; you want a product with grip, and for sleek and smooth you want a product with slip. With fine hair, you’re looking for volume, so you need that grip.

2) Hold – Most products will have a level of hold on the bottle. Stick with a hold level between light to medium. If the level of hold is too strong you won’t be able to slide your round brush through your hair when you are blow drying.

3) Apply Product Properly – Every product you use has it’s own special way of being apply to get the maximum benefits. As you read through the best products for fine hair I will explain on how to apply each styling product.

Aquage Volume Mist

This is my new favorite volumizing hair product. This  volumizing spray gives the perfect amount of grip without making hair sticky or leave it feeling dry. It’s has a touchable hold that will give your hair lasting volume all day and night.

How to Apply: The Best way to apply this product is on wet hair, mist all over and comb through.

Moroccanoil Volume Mousse

You may have seen this hair mousse in a few of my other post. It’s because it’s the best volumizing mousse I use. Yes there are other volumizing mousses out there that I love and use, but this is my go to volume mousse. My clients have to have this mousse. It gives incredible shine and volume, leaving hair soft and bouncy.

How To Apply: On wet hair. Dispense a hand full of hair mousse in your hand, take a comb and dip the comb in the mousse, then comb through your hair. Repeat this until your have applied the mousse all over your hair from root to end. Blowout time!

Amika Body Whip Mousse

Amika is one of my favorite hair product lines. Amikas products not only smell amazing but they work! This mousse adds beautiful shine, volume and it’s paraben-free. Plump up your hair and turn up the volume with Amika’s Perfect Body Whipped Mousse.

How To Apply: On wet hair. Pump a palm full in your hand. Dip a comb in the mousse, comb through your hair, repeat until the mousse is evenly distributed all over from root to end.

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

 I can’t help but love Oribe Products. I have used Oribe for years and years. They’re luxurious, top of the line styling products, shampoos and conditioners. This thickening spray plumps up every strand for all over fullness and thickening. It gives the hair volume and hold all while protecting hair from heat.

How To Apply: On wet hair. This product works best to apply as you go. Spray from root to end on each section right before your blow dry. So section spray, section spray.

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray

Kevin Murphy is a great product line. They seem to put so much care into the ingredients of his products. This after styling volume spray has organic lavender hydrosol to give your hair volume, hold and shine. Plus the smell is so relaxing and elegant.  It’s a very lightweight spray to reinforce volume after blow drying your hair.

How To Apply: Spray on dry hair after styling.

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray

This pairs great with the Oribe Maximista. Use it with the maximista or any other volumizing hair product. It works like a hairspray to lock your hairstyle in place as well as inflating hair strands to give hair an extra punch of volume. Next time try this out instead of a hairspray.

How To Apply: Shake and spray on dry hair. To add even more volume flip your head over and apply heat with your hair dryer. Heat will activate the product even more to give hair more and more volume.

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