FINALLY, summer is here! You know it’s important to protect your skin with SPF, but how do you protect your hair from the sun, salty water, extra humidity, and everything else the summer months bring? Don’t go outside? Haha yeah right, if you’re like me you live outside in the summer. You want kick-butt hair to go along with all your cute summer outfits. Here are some easy tips to keep your hair healthy this summer.

Give Your Hair A Break

You give yourself a break from your hectic life in the summer, so do the same for your hair. These warm days are perfect if you have curly hair to let your hair air dry. Use a leave-in conditioner and curl cream and let the heat from the sun dry your curls.

If you don’t have curly hair, do a cute top knot or braid after you let your hair air dry. It’s important to let your hair dry before putting it up because putting it up wet can be damaging.  Put in a little leave-in conditioner after the shower, air dry, then style.

Pre-Treat Your Hair Before Hitting the Beach Or Pool

We all love what the beach does to our hair after a day of swimming in the ocean’s salty water. Unfortunately the next morning we find our hair is crazy dry and crunchy? Yeah, that’s not good. Here’s what we can do to remedy that.

Simply bring a spray bottle of tap water with you to the beach and spray your hair with it before you dive into the ocean. Many beaches also have fresh water shower, so you can use that instead. The idea it to keep your hair soaked with fresh water , so it’s difficult for salt water to absorb into your hair.

You can also use a leave-in conditioner when you get out of the ocean for some much needed moisture that the salt water zaps out. My favorite leave in conditioner is  It’s A 10 Same rule applies for the pool. Get your hair wet first before jumping into the pool. Chlorine is a big no no, especially if you’re a blonde.

Condition Like It’s Your Job

Make time to do some extra conditioning treatments. Hair treatments penetrate the hair shaft when the cuticle is open and heat is applied. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up, salt from the beach or chlorine. The clarifying shampoo will also help open your cuticle.

Once your hair is washed, add your favorite conditioning treatment and comb through with a wide tooth comb. ( My new favorite treatment is Amika Triple Rx ) Sit outside and let the summer heat bake in your treatment. Rinse and repeat once a week.

Don’t Skip Out On The Salon Trips

Even if your hair is taking a break from the blow dryer and the curling iron still make it a point to visit your hairstylist. There are a few things your stylist can do for you to help you keep your hair healthy through the summer months.

  1. If your color is fading from the sun or from swimming your hairstylist can put on a gloss to freshen up your color.
  2. Get a trim!
  3. If you’re a blonde, and you notice your hair starting to turn green from swimming in the ocean or pool there are hair detoxing treatments you can go to the salon and get. Your hair can turn green from the minerals in the water. DON’T try to cover it up with hair color, or bleach it out!  The treatment I have worked with in the salon is called Malibu, and I love it. Just asked your stylist if they have a treatment that can detox your hair by removing minerals. The Malibu treatment is also great for any hair that is looking dull, and feels like there is buildup from hair products.

This Treatment is great to remove minerals and product build up.