This is such a fun time of year. So many holiday parties, galas and events going on. It’s a perfect time to put on your little black dress and have fun with your hair. Wear it in an up-do that’s fun and new to you and dress is up with some cute hair accessories. Or wear it down with a sassy headband adding just the right amount of holiday bling.  Whatever you want to do, just have fun and be merry. Happy Holidays!

Crystal Flower Headband

What a great way to dazzle this holiday season. This headband is so delicate and beautiful. It has pearls and crystals set in a shiny copper wire. When you wear your hair down it looks like the jewel is floating in your hair. It’s stunning.

Gold Hair Comb & Chains

I’m obsessed with this hair comb. It has shiny pearls, blinging rhinestones and sexy chains to create a beautiful elegant look. There’s so many different ways you can wear this hair accessory. Wear it with your hair down, draping it across the back of your hair to add a fun element to your hairstyle. To keep it from sliding out backcomb a section of your hair and spray it with some hairspray. This will create a strong base for the combs to hold onto. Or wear your hair up and mix the chains in with some curls and braids. This is definitely one of my top picks for holiday hair accessories.

Pom Pom Hair Ties

 If you’re a 90’s kid these pom pom hair ties may having you thinking Britney Spears. Pom pom hair ties are making a comeback. These hair ties are perfect for an ugly sweater holiday party to add some style and beauty. Or a casual evening out with friends for some holiday drinks. I can’t get over how much I love these hair ties.

Petite Rhinestone Headband

Silver and gold, silver and gold. What says holidays more than that?! These headbands are a kiss of sparkle on top of your head. If you really want to spice things up you can wear them together. I love using this style headband to wrap my hair around the back of the band to create a quick and easy up-do.

Crystal Headband

This is such a beautiful headband. When I look at this I instantly think of holiday weddings. This is great for a bride, bridesmaid or even a guest. You can keep it simple with just a side bun, or wear your hair down with big bouncy curls and dress it up with this crystal headband.

Crystal & Gold

This headband creates the look of tiny snowflake in your hair. It’s so sweet a lovely. This can even pull double duties and be worn as a necklace.

Rose Gold Rhinestone Hair Pins

These bobby pins are so pretty. First who doesn’t love rose gold. Second the rhinestones and pearl add a touch a class and sophistication to your hairstyle. Just slide these in your hair like a regular hair pin, but let the whole pin show.

Crystal Swirl Hair Pins

If your just looking for a pop of color and and little bit of sparkle these hairpins are perfect. They stay in hair whether you wear it up or down. Just twist them in and bam, it stays. These are so cute a pretty for the holidays.