Everyone knows that a curling iron can curl hair, and that a flat iron makes a great hair straightener, but today we’re going to look at how you can use that flat iron to curl your hair. If you’re one of those people who love to bring more volume to their hair by curling it, but don’t really want to invest in a curling iron, there is no reason to worry. Most people have at least one flat iron that they own. Today, you will learn how to do flat iron curls like a pro, and come out with lots of volume and bouncy curls that look natural!

Step One – Prep Your Hair Well

The first step of this process is prepping your hair for the heat that it is going to be subjected to. Make sure your hair is clean (washed in the past 24 hours) and completely dry. You could even grab your round brush and blow it out straight. But it must be dry because wet hair won’t hold a curl.

It is important that you use a heat protectant or a thermal spray before you touch any direct source of heat to it. This creates the much-needed protective barrier and prevents any major damage like burning. Follow this up by parting your hair in different sections and pinning them up. This will make it easier for you to get all the hair.

Step Two – Tackle the Lengths

You may be familiar with the curling that happens if you take a ribbon and run a scissor along it. The same mechanism is used here to curl the lengths of your hair. It is important that the flat iron that you use isn’t too thick, otherwise the entire process can bear results that you may not like too much.

Using a relatively thin flat iron, twist one section of the hair around the heated part and pull from the top till the bottom. This will give you the easy, beachy waves that make you look like you just stepped out of one of those fashion magazines.

Step Three – Hair Near Your Crown

While you can pick which side you want to curl your hair when it comes to the hair at the back of your head, stick to this tried and tested technique for the hair right in front. Make sure that the twisting is carried out away from your face so that the final result is more flattering. The hair will frame your face perfectly!

Step Four – Finishing Up

Once you have repeated the above steps for all sections of hair, you will have to make the choice between looser curls or the more structured ones. Run your fingers through your hair for a wavier look. If you want your hair to hold the curls for longer, spray a light mist of hairspray all over!

After going through all these steps, you have learnt how to curl your hair with a flat iron — a skill that can get you those fabulous loose curls without putting in much effort!