Having healthy, soft, shiny hair is the name of the game. Making sure you are taking the time to conditioner your hair properly will help you achieve your hair goals.

Hair conditioner is a must. I have had more than one client ask me if they can skip conditioning their hair because they feel like it makes their hair greasy and roots oily. I first said NO, then asked them what their shampooing and conditioning routine is like at home. From what I suspected; the cause of their oily roots was due to improper shampooing and conditioning.

It’s seems like it would be easy to slap on some hair conditioner, rinse and call it a day. It can be that easy you just need to set yourself up for success by switching to a few key steps to make sure your hair is properly conditioned and here’s how.

  1. Make sure you are using the right shampoo for your hair texture and you properly cleansed your scalp and hair.
  2. Start with a quarter size amount of conditioner and add more if needed. Using to much conditioner can make your hair greasy and feel like there is build-up on your ends.
  3. Apply the conditioner from your ends and work your way up stopping about an inch from your roots. Let sit from 1-3 minutes. No need to apply conditioner to your roots, this is what can cause you roots so become oily quicker.
  4. Comb the conditioner through your hair using a wide tooth comb starting from your ends and moving up, again stopping an inch away from your roots.
  5. If you wear your hair naturally curly don’t rinse out all the conditioner, leave a little in the hair. This will help with frizz
  6. If you blowout your hair make sure the conditioner is fully rinsed out. If not this will cause your hair to be greasy, your blowout won’t last and it will take longer to get your hair dry.

See, it’s easy. Conditioning hair the right way will leave it feeling and looking great.

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