The smell of crisp apples in the air, the taste of pumpkin pie and spiced lattes. Fall is here ladies. Not only do we need to make sure we change are hair routine from summer to fall, it’ also time to change are nail polish colors from bright pinks to warm reds. I love teaching how to style and care for hair, but for this post let’s change it up from hair to nails. Here are a few of my favorite fall nail polish colors to make nails pop and scream fall time.

First start with a base coat. Using a base coat will prevent your nails from staining and help your manicure last longer. I stay with the classic:

Sally Hansen Insta-grip base coat.

It’s a Piazza Cake

This is my number 1 favorite color for fall. It looks like you have a little pumpkin on each nail.

O Suzi Mio

Perfect fall purple. It’s not to dark, not to light

If you’re a purple girl check this on out!


I love a good OX blood red. I took me years to

find one I love and really give me that dark

blood red color.With Essie I always do three

coats to really get the full effect.

Essie Sole Mate

Want to take your red a little darker then

an OX blood red? If so check out sole mate.

I always have a hard time choosing between

Bordeaux and Sole Mate. Sole Mate is going to give you a

little more of a purple tone then the Bordeaux.

OPI Dark Side Of The Mood

Like to keep it more neutral on the nails?

I really like this shade because it’s a dark

grey with a little blue tone to it. Still neutral but

the blue tone will help it so the color won’t fall flat.

Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress

There is nothing better then a true

Black. Morgan Taylor is my fav new

brand for nail polish. This black goes on

smooth and shine like no other.

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down The Window

Army green is in the air. This is the best

fall green I have found. I love using this

color as an accent nail with a taupe or grey.

OPI Berlin There Done That

Sometimes I like to just keep it simple.

I love a rich taupe. Berlin there done that

is awesome because its not to pale so it

won’t wash out your skin tone.

Taylor Morgan Dress Code

Let’s keep it light. Just

because it’s fall doesn’t mean you

have to stick to dark tones on your nails.

This light grey is a great way to stay in the season

without going dark.

Don’t forget to end your manicure with a top coat. This is a must to add shine and keep your polish from chipping. Sally Hansen Mega Shine IS THE BEST TOP COAT EVER!!!!!!! (In my opinion). Being a hair stylist I’m in contact with water all day so my manicure can only last so long. This top coat not only helps my nails dry quickly, it builds a shield of mega lasting, no chipping, crazy shine for more then a week manicure. I bet someone who’s hands aren’t in water as much as mine are a manicure will last longer then a week with help of this top coat. Seriously try this top coat.

I hope you found some inspiration for you fall nail colors. Hair is my passion, but I go crazy for good nail polish and great colors. I seriously could post 1,000 more of my favorite colors and don’t even get me started with glitter polish. Have fun painting!!